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Posts tagged ‘wedding’

  • 012.14.12Tips for Choosing the Right Music on Your Wedding Day

    Everything you planned well for your wedding to make your day unique and memorable. Music is also one of the important parts to consider in your wedding in order to set the tone and mood because a wedding without music may work out but you may feel lifeless. A special and unique song played or […]

  • 09.11.12Tips to Prevent Wedding Gifts Theft in Wedding

    Wedding gift theft is something unbelievable. It is, however, becoming an important factor for brides and grooms to consider. While you are doing or mingled with guests in wedding, there could be someone taking very valuable gifts from your gift table unnoticed. The thief may be one of your close friend or a complete stranger […]

  • 04.19.12Tips for Choosing a Wedding Dress

    There are a variety of wedding dresses and purchasing it for your wedding would probably be the most important and can be a quite experience. When envisioning your wedding first thing you would probably picture is your dress. There are few things to consider for choosing a wedding dress. Do a good research to have […]

  • 03.2.12Tips for Getting the Most Beautiful Makeup Done for Brides

    Wedding is most memorable day of one’s life. Bridal makeup improves the natural beauty of the bride and makes the bride look pretty and elegant. You can perform your own makeup or may utilize the services given by the professional makeup artist. Test your makeup products before you use them on the wedding day. Apply […]

  • 01.7.12Tips for Selecting a Caterer for Wedding

    The catering team is important on special occasions like wedding which brings a huge number of people together on that particular day. You must ensure that the caterers meet your specifications in order to make visitors enjoy taste and quality of the food. Catering services includes the cost of food, beverages, kitchen staff, wait staff […]