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Posts tagged ‘website monitoring’

  • 09.15.16Understanding the Most Common HTTP Errors

    It happens with us very often that we come across different error pages while browsing on the web. Have you ever wondered what these errors exactly mean? Every error page that we see is the result of some specific request or action that we implement on the server. When we access the web server or […]

  • 010.6.14Fixing Broken Links in Your Website

    A broken link is a most desperate problem of the website. In general, broken link is a link which doesn’t work and it happens when the link pointing a web page doesn’t exist as it may be deleted or removed. This results in the error pages in the site like 404 or web server error […]

  • 07.24.14Things to Consider for Improving Page Speed

    Page speed is an important aspect of quality of a website. It helps users access pages they look for fast and keeps them engaging. Page speed defined: Page speed is the quality attribute of a web page – how fast it loads up when users log in. It is very important factor for a website […]

  • 06.27.14Choosing the Right Website for Your Online Ads

    If you are an advertiser and looking for the right website to place your online ads through which you can enhance your website. Then read this article, that will help you in choosing the right website for placing your online ads. 1. Based on the category: In category based website the publishers will put an […]

  • 011.6.13Choosing Correct Content Management System for Your Website

    Web content management system is a system software. It helps you maintain the data of website in a computer. Content management system comprises digital content creating, publishing, altering and modifying. The main advantage of this software is no need of writing code for website. Today, there are many tools are available for web content management. Basically they are come under three categories. Those are as follows: