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  • 09.26.13Vitamins that Help Heal Skin Allergies

    Skin allergy usually occurs when there is irritation or rash. This can be seen in people who have sensitive skin. In medical terms, hypersensitivity (antigen-antibody reactions) causes skin allergies and intake of some food also causes skin allergies. Other causes for skin allergies are applying skin creams for the first time, exposing to sun for a long time, deficiency of some vitamins, etc.

  • 08.23.13Vitamins to Get Relief from Dry Eyes

    Dry eyes is more common in many people and is inconvenient to them. Millions of people face this problem and self-treat with eye drops or seek medical care. Mostly women and older people are trouble with this condition. Any one who has dry eye syndrome, his/her eyes might feel gritty, develop a stinging or burning […]

  • 010.10.12How does Vitamin B Improve Your Brain’s Function?

    It is necessary to boost the brain with sufficient nutrients by having the healthy and nutritious diet that includes vitamin B. All are water-soluble vitamins and so they are easily eliminated from the body through urine. So they need to be supplied daily in the form of regular diet. Vitamin B6: B6 helps the mind […]

  • 03.31.12What are the Essential Vitamins That Keep Brain Healthy?

    Vitamins are essential for normal growth, metabolism, development and proper functioning of the different organs of the body such as brain, skin, muscles, blood vessels, bones etc. As we already know there are two types of vitamins are there: 1. Water soluble vitamins 2. Fat soluble vitamins The water soluble vitamins are the B vitamins […]

  • 03.31.12Tips for Taking Right Vitamins for Dark Circles Under Eyes

    Dark circles under the eyes can be caused by a number of factors due to allergies, sleep deprivation like looking skin pale, sleeplessness, dehydration, fever, aging, iron deficiency, decrease fluid retention capacity of the skin or thinning skin, heredity, nasal congestion or lack of vitamins in food. These vitamins can be obtained from food sources […]