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Posts tagged ‘Travel’

  • 06.18.13Essential Car Care Tips to Keep You on Road

    As we know, daily usage of your car leads to wear and tear. It also breaks down when you don’t take proper care. If car is not working well then you have to service your vehicle which costs you more money and need to undertake regular maintenance for uninterrupted performance. So, proper care and regular […]

  • 011.5.12How to Enjoy Your Travel through a Long Term Travel Insurance?

    However travel insurance is a cover for the risks you might face in your trip, overseas or domestic. Typically, it covers death, personal accident, medical expenses, repatriation, loss/ delay of checked baggage, passport loss and third party liability. It is quite indisputable that traveling is one of the pleasantest things which you can do while […]

  • 02.9.12Tips to Detect Fake Traveler’s Cheques

    Many people use traveler’s cheques when they are traveling. The availability of the computers, sophisticated printers and graphics software allowed the issuers to add number of security features to these cheques. Here are few tips to identify a fake traveler’s cheque: Examine the water mark on the cheque by holding it up to the light, […]

  • 011.17.11Essential Things for Winter Traveling

    Travelers need to follow some safety tips while traveling in winter. They have to take care while choosing their essential things for traveling. Before starting the journey know about the local temperature and weather conditions in order to arrange the traveling kit and then start the journey. Keep some essential things which protect you from […]

  • 011.16.11Tips To Keep Your Money Safe While Traveling

    Money is important and essential thing while traveling. Traveling plan and duration fully depends up on the money investment. Every one have to take the money while traveling, in order to make the things go smoothly. When carrying money, it is also required by the traveler to take care of that money. The safety of […]