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Posts tagged ‘Substance abuse’

  • 07.21.10Signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse

    Alcohol is a result of fermentation of fruits, grains, vegetables. Yeast or bacteria are used to change the sugar in the food into alcohol in the process of fermentation. To produce many necessary items like cheese to medications, the fermentation is used. Common signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse: Repeatedly neglecting responsibilities: At work or […]

  • 07.2.10How to Prevent Marijuana Abuse Among Children?

    It is proper communication and awareness by parents, that keep their children away from abusing drugs. Parents have to participate actively in children’ lives. Future drug use can be reduced with appropriate monitoring by parents; this was also proved in a research. Suppose if a child has tendency to marijuana use, he may not control […]

  • 06.5.10Hallucinogens abuse and Implications

    Hallucinogens are the type of drugs which causes changes in the idea or the way you think and even in thought and mood of the people. These groups of drugs are heterogeneous because each of them vary in chemical structures and even in its side affects. Some hallucinogens are LSD, mescaline, psilocybin, DMT. Some of […]

  • 04.2.10Substance Abuse and Disease

    Any person who is in active addiction is imposing more that these at risk, and they are putting their own lives at risk. Substance abuse and disease must be of major task for any person who is closely associated with person who is actively desiring and using drugs. For example, the increase of HIV/AIDS in […]

  • 03.15.10Why Do Some People Become Addicted, While Others Do Not?

    A specific factor cannot be guessed whether or not a person will get addicted to drugs. Risk for addiction is affected by a person’s biology, social environment, and development. The more number of risk factors an individual experiences, the greater the chance of taking drugs which can result in addiction. Biology: The genes with which […]