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Posts tagged ‘recruiting’

  • 06.15.11Know about Different Levels of Interviews

    An interview is a process in which a potential candidate is evaluated by the interview panel for prospective employment in their organization. There are different types of interviews conducted by the employers to evaluate the candidates. Most of the professional jobs in the organization require different levels of interviews. These interviews typically follow a pattern. […]

  • 06.14.11Major Types of Recruitment Agencies

    Recruitment agencies conduct the initial screening of the interview candidates and send the pool of candidates to the company. The companies pay to these recruitment agencies based on the number of positions filled by the candidates sent by the respective agency. These agencies are different types and they are given below: Traditional agency: These traditional […]

  • 06.13.11Important Tips for Hiring a Right Employee

    Without good employees an organization can not run successfully, hiring a right employee enhances work culture and helps organization in achieving its goals. Here are some important tips for hiring a right employee: Process of hiring a right employee starts with a careful job analysis and this process gives the information about duties, responsibilities, necessary […]

  • 03.1.10Tips To Use Headhunting In Recruitment

    Headhunting is the recruitment process and it is the recent trend in the recruitment. It is professional approach to recruit, search, track, and selecting talented people already working in various companies. Headhunting is also called as executive search. In the initial stage headhunting was used by large organizations from developed countries. But now it is […]