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Posts tagged ‘recruiting’

  • 03.17.15Checklist for Hiring a Security Contractor

    Are you hiring a security contractor? Looking for some information on what bases to hire? Then, read this article. Here, we have provided the checklist that helps you know what are the things that you need to look before you hire a security contractor. This will help you in hiring a reputed and good security […]

  • 010.29.14HR: Laws to Consider While Hiring

    Importance of employment laws The Federal and State government agencies are look after the welfare and interests of job applicants. In order to ensure that interests and welfare of job applicants are safeguarded and they are not exploited, certain laws are enacted and enforced by government agencies. All these statutes have to be followed by […]

  • 04.16.12What Are The Common Mistakes that Lead to Recruiting Failures

    Recruitment is important process in organization, where it gets the productive employees to getting more contribution from them. Generally organizations conduct the recruitment process by professional recruiters however some times they are making small mistakes in recruiting. Know the common mistakes in recruitment which provides the recruitment failures to organizations, Not clear on requirement: Remember […]

  • 010.3.11Tips to Interview a Cab Driver

    Vehicle driving is not a simple job. It also requires high skills and qualifications. A driver needs to do hard work for a longer time for becoming a professional driver. Professional drivers have good experience in driving and thus have the driving license. Therefore, hiring professional drivers for traveling is very beneficial. But you cannot […]

  • 06.16.11Internet Recruitment and Its Advantages

    Online recruitment some times referred as e recruitment or web based recruitment, is the process of recruitment, where candidates are attracted through online technology or Internet. Most organizations use their websites, a third party job site or job board, a CV database or search engine marketing as part of the online recruitment process. Benefits of […]