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Posts tagged ‘Public Liability Insurance’

  • 02.3.11Choosing Best Public Liability Insurance for Your Business

    Public liability insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage to the business from the claims which are made by third parties, if they injured or their property is damaged because of you or your personnel or business. Sometimes this policy is also referred as the third party liability cover. Business owner is liable […]

  • 01.17.11Tips to Find Public Liability Insurance Provider

    Insurance is necessary to any business in order to minimize the risk which is common in every business. Public-liability insurance is an insurance, which provides the coverage to the business from third party claims. In order to reduce the risk in business in best way, you need to search for suitable insurance policy and insurance […]

  • 01.3.11Public Liability Insurance for Sold Traders

    Though public-liability insurance is not legally required for sole trading, it is advised to cover business against any liability claims for injuring the public which is caused by your business or your negligence. The need of public-liability insurance policy for sole trading is increasing, because it involves a lot of work where there is a […]

  • 010.8.10Why to Purchase Excess Liability Insurance

    One might face the claims of other persons at one time or the other time because of some incident. Then in those cases, the risk management strategy, nothing but insurance is needed by the people for protecting against the claims. In general, liability insurance will fulfill the needs of the people, but now-a-days due to […]

  • 07.30.10Some Facts about Public Liability Insurance

    Policyholder can provide financial coverage to pay financial damages to a third party or customer in case of any disease, injury or death, by this public liability insurance. Damages which are caused by your business to others property is also covered by this insurance. Policyholder may have incurred legal fees or other expenses while defending […]