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Posts tagged ‘Mental Health’

  • 08.12.10Evolution Of Meditation

    The meditation is an age old practice which was taught by many great spiritual teachers for betterment and is still continuing till date. In the ancient period, mostly the method of Mantra Meditation was used by Yogi’s. The method of Meditation was the prominent part of the teachings of Gautama Buddha in Buddhism. Even today, […]

  • 03.5.10Living for Today!

    Everyday of our life is precious and we get something from each day. Only few days in the life are memorable and we can plan for a memorable day in our life. I am planning to make tomorrow as one of my memorable days in my life. It is possible if we follow some steps […]

  • 02.12.10Fear Of Rejection and How to Overcome it

    Fear of rejection was the thing that held every one back from making friends and achieving what we want to do. Fear of rejection was the most unbearable fear and it was the most challenging to overcome. Imagine that you think you might have something in common with people but you are just frozen in […]

  • 04.27.09There Is CQ and PQ Greater Than IQ

    Every one of us knows about IQ. It is abbreviation of Intelligent Quotient. And I know many people who always feel depressed because of their low IQ levels. People with less IQ have problem with competing in society. Their struggle starts from school days and from then on it continues haunting them in college, then […]

  • 02.2.09Anger In Modern Society

    In the modern society, anger is looked like an immature or uncivilized response to the destruction, the threat, the violation, or the loss. Reciprocally, keeping the calm one, coolheaded, or turning the other cheek is considered more acceptable socially. This which conditions can cause inadequate expressions of anger such as accesses not controlled violent ones, […]