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Posts tagged ‘Marijuana abuse’

  • 02.16.11Marijuana Smoking Leading to Respiratory Complaints

    Marijuana drug test has to be conducted regularly in order to avoid drug addiction. Marijuana is the mostly widely used illegal drug in the United States. Long-term use of marijuana causes many respiratory problems. Smoke of marijuana contains 50 percent more carcinogenic hydrocarbons than that of tobacco. A 5-fold greater increase in carboxyhaemoglobin levels in […]

  • 01.10.11Employee Marijuana Testing

    A major concern in the society these days is marijuana abuse. The drug has its effect on daily lives of its users. Also the performance of employee is affected by marijuana usage. This results in increasing costs of company. Some of the effects of marijuana usage include accidents, employee absenteeism, and theft. These are considered […]

  • 012.18.10Methods to Conduct Marijuana Drug Test at Home

    Marijuana is a commonly abused illegal drug, which has many negative effects on brain and body. THC, the main ingredient of the marijuana, can cause the user to have a high due to which decision making skills, focus and determination of user will become worse. Many people like teenagers, employees, sports players and others are […]

  • 011.19.10Parents can Prevent the Teens’ Marijuana Use by Using Marijuana Drug Test Kits

    Percentage of teen drug abusers is alarming many parents and school managements. Teens and adults are taking many types of drugs, marijuana is one of them. Marijuana is common illegal drug, which is used by many people. Marijuana drug test helps to know whether marijuana has been taken by an individual. Pleasure, memory, thought, concentration, […]

  • 09.27.10Reasons for THC drug Test

    THC is the major chemical in marijuana and it is primary active ingredient. Euphoric affects are produced by THC chemical when an individual smokes or orally administered. Using Marijuana causes short term memory loss and slow learning skills. Users may feel confusion and anxiety. If any person uses this drug, it causes long term disorders […]