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Posts tagged ‘Kids and Teens’

  • 09.2.14Factors Considered by Court for Parental Relocation in Case of Divorce

    Have you applied for the parental relocation orders or are you going to file a petition for getting these orders? If so, you should know the following factors, which the court considers when approving the parental relocation orders in case of divorce. If you can satisfy all those factors, you are eligible for getting parental […]

  • 06.17.13Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe in Your Car

    Safety of their children is the most important for parents when driving a car because there are many risks that are associated. There are many reasons for injuries, and deaths of children even though safety belts, and car seats are used. Parents should watch their children and take the necessary precautions while driving a car […]

  • 06.11.13Tips for Protecting Children from Unsafe Driving Situations?

    Many people are think that learning driving is enough and they are not bothered about the remaining things. Below 17 years of age, millions of people were killed in different vehicle crashes. Most of the drivers are also of teenagers. To protect the people who are killed in these accidents, governments of countries decided to […]

  • 06.5.11Tips to Prevent Substance Abuse In Adolescents

    There are many reasons which influence the adolescents to initiate the drug use and these reasons include, peer pressures, general confusion in the teenage and also pressure and depression caused due to school or friends or family or any other personal problems. Following are the steps that prevent the adolescents from taking drugs: Primary step […]

  • 011.19.10Parents can Prevent the Teens’ Marijuana Use by Using Marijuana Drug Test Kits

    Percentage of teen drug abusers is alarming many parents and school managements. Teens and adults are taking many types of drugs, marijuana is one of them. Marijuana is common illegal drug, which is used by many people. Marijuana drug test helps to know whether marijuana has been taken by an individual. Pleasure, memory, thought, concentration, […]