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Posts tagged ‘Jewelry’

  • 012.1.11Tips To Get The Affordable Wedding Jewelry

    Jewelry takes a very important place in the wedding ceremonies. It provides the additional attraction to the wedding couple. Wearing jewelry represents the wedding statues too. Many people are unable to choose the better designed jewelry within affordable prices. Hence, the selection of jewelry requires some tips. When people follow these tips they get more […]

  • 02.11.11How are Glow Bracelets Used?

    Various forms of glow stick are available these days which are used by kids as well as adults. Glow necklaces and glow bracelets are some of them which give fun at parties. People are thrilled to wear glow bracelets of different colors. Glow bracelets are generally 8 inch long. Two different types of glow bracelets […]

  • 012.7.10Different Ideas for Women While Choosing Jewelry Gifts

    Women always have a fascinating relationship with jewelry. This fascination has not changed in different geographies, in different cultures. Presenting jewelry gift for women can be one of the best ideas. Here are some ides while choosing gifts for women, such as: Pre-engagement ring: Pre-engagement ring can be one of the most wonderful gifts for […]

  • 010.12.10How to Retain the Shine of the Gold Jewelry?

    Some other metals like silver and copper are also used in very little quantities for the preparation of gold jewelry. As gold itself is a soft material will not react with the moisture of the air. Besides gold, the other materials which are used in the preparation will react to the moisture and oxygen, and […]

  • 08.2.10Tips to Maintain Jewelry

    Wearing jewelry or adorning themselves with the jewelry will be a great feeling for both men and women. But one should take care to make their jewelry shine and last long. Jewelry made up of expensive materials like gemstones, pearls, corals, diamonds etc, as well as imitation jewelry, both require attention and proper maintenance. What […]