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Posts tagged ‘Investigation’

  • 06.23.11Certain Tips to be followed by a Surveillance Investigator

    Surveillance investigation includes keeping an eye on the targeted subject without being noticed. It is more useful in criminal investigations. Once you think of a surveillance investigator, you imagine a person with a decent look having certain surveillance equipments. However, it is not only the specific equipment that an investigator needs. The investigator should also […]

  • 06.22.11Know Some Tips for Hiring a Private Investigator

    Many situations arise in our life which can or cannot be solved on our own. Some critical issues can be solved with the help of a private investigator. Most of the issues like divorce, finding missing persons, checking for background of a nanny and so on can be made more easy by hiring a private […]

  • 03.1.11Know Some Tips for Starting a Private Investigation Business

    Private investigators are those persons who are hired by individuals or groups for investigatory law services. Insurance companies, attorneys, businesses and general public hire them to solve their problems. The investigators can be self employed or work as a part of a private investigation agency. Private investigation business has to be tackled carefully. Here are […]

  • 02.2.11Know Some Tips for Finding Unclaimed Assets

    Asset searches involve search for assets and holdings of a person or an entity. Those assets which are not available to public records are checked during asset searches. Many people possess unclaimed properties and these are easily trapped by detectives. Many policies are tried by investigators to find unclaimed properties and money. Media avenues can […]

  • 012.31.10Techniques to be Known for Skip Tracing

    For locating a person who has moved without leaving a forwarding address, skip tracing is used. The reasons for missing of a person may vary. These may include missing due to loans, family obligations, life insurance fraud, criminal prosecution, escape from jail, and so on. Skip tracing services are offered by professional private investigation organizations. […]