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Posts tagged ‘Home and Gardening’

  • 08.21.14Constructing a Rock Garden with Sustainable Rock

    Are you planning to construct a rocky garden? For this, rock is the main feature or center of attraction. Many people like rock garden as they give natural look to the garden. Constructing a rocky garden involves step by step process. To know the process read the article. Choosing landscape For rocky gardens the landscape […]

  • 010.12.12The Best Garden Bed Edging Ideas

    Edging can highlight the appearance of your lawn. Edging helps along sidewalk and drive away along flower beds, vegetable garden. If your edging your yard for the first time, it is difficult but once it is completed it looks good and pretty easy to maintain. Here are some tips for edging your yard. Edging provides […]

  • 04.10.12Know Some Tips for Pruning your Garden Plants

    It is possible to have a beautiful garden only with proper maintenance. Most of us neglect in taking care of the garden plants. This may affect the look of your garden. Apart from the many things like watering, feeding, fertilizing, weeding and so on, pruning is also essential. It is necessary to know proper pruning […]

  • 03.30.12Know Some Tips for Maintaining Your Lawn

    Many of us think that the value of our home is increased by addition of beautiful lawn, garden and other garden buildings apart from other parts of home improvement. However, the value also depends on your interest in care and maintenance of the garden. Whatever the condition of your lawn may be, it can be […]

  • 012.4.11Ground Cover Plants Add Beauty to Your Garden

    Garden lovers find different ways of enhancing their yard with greenery. Ground cover plants are one of the elegant ways of gardening styles. The low-growing plants which grow and spread quickly forming a dense cover are termed as ground cover plants or ground covers. They add beauty to your garden by highlighting the other plants. […]