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Posts tagged ‘Glow Sticks’

  • 05.19.11Know about Glow Sticks and their Benefits

    Glow sticks are the novelty items which are commonly seen in parties, night clubs, recreational events, and other celebrations. Glow sticks are made of plastic tubes that contain a glass vial. The plastic tubes contain two different chemicals which are separated by the glass vial. When you bend the plastic tube, the glass vial breaks […]

  • 05.18.11Glow Sticks Helpful for Scuba Divers

    It is known that glow sticks are used at night parties for added enjoyment and fun. Lighting up yourself and even the venue gives elegance to the party in dark. It is known for all of us. However, in addition to the recreational purposes, glow sticks also have several functional uses. One of the best […]

  • 02.11.11How are Glow Bracelets Used?

    Various forms of glow stick are available these days which are used by kids as well as adults. Glow necklaces and glow bracelets are some of them which give fun at parties. People are thrilled to wear glow bracelets of different colors. Glow bracelets are generally 8 inch long. Two different types of glow bracelets […]

  • 011.2.10Use Glow Invitations for Your Party

    You can decorate with glow stick in your party or event in the darkness and you can give the glow accessories as theme gifts to your friends and guests. You can also create a themed glow invitations. You can make glow invitations easily. They can be emphasized with glow stickers, ink and paint and etc. […]

  • 010.28.10Tips for Using Glow Sticks for Safety

    Small glow sticks are used for many purposes like fun and entertainment in many parties. They are also used as toys. Glow sticks are also used for safety, means they are used as safety lights at night. They are plastic tubes which contain a variety of chemicals. Glow sticks produce light due to a reaction […]