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Posts tagged ‘Glow Sticks’

  • 010.24.11Tips to Arrange a Glow Themed Halloween Party

    It is very much exciting to enjoy Halloween celebrations. There are many interesting things to be included in a Halloween party. Late night parties of this holiday celebrations with a special theme such as a glowing theme are amazing and successful as well. Go on to know some tips to arrange a glow themed Halloween […]

  • 010.20.11Bulk Glow Sticks are Best to Offer as Party Favors

    Glow sticks are the light sources which emit required amount of light and are mostly used for decorative and promotional purposes. They emit light because of the chemical reaction called as chemiluminescence, which takes place between two different chemicals present in the glow stick. This phenomenon is similar to the reaction which is observed among […]

  • 09.21.11LED Candles – Perfect Light-up Décor

    Occasions at night with elegant lighting décor upgrade the visual appeal apart from providing best illumination. Various lighting products such as glow sticks, flashing toys and so on are used for decorating night events. LED candles are one such perfect light-ups to add beauty to a party. LED candles run by means of a light […]

  • 08.4.11Tips to Make Homemade Glow Sticks

    Among the many party favors, glow sticks are the best, especially for night parties. Glow sticks are small plastic tubes having chemical substances which react to give a cool and gentle glow. They are used as necklaces, bracelets, rings and other glow jewelery. They are even used for making glow costumes. You can supply glow […]

  • 07.8.11Glow Sticks for Summer Celebrations

    Summer is a great time for enjoyment. Especially to plan outdoor events during night, this season is the best one which people believe in. You can enjoy the weather along by organizing or participating in couple of events which involve your family and friends. It might be a special occasion or a get together, but […]