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Posts tagged ‘Fitness’

  • 09.19.14Tips for Women Self-Defense

    Self-defense and self-protection are important for the safety of women as they are vulnerable. Women should empower themselves and get educated about the real world consequences happening on them. It is better to get prepared for the situations though it may or may not happen to you. You require to train and equip yourself with […]

  • 09.5.14Safety and Self-defense Tips for Youth

    Whether it is a boy or a girl, both genders should know some self-defense tips to protect themselves from the attacker. Read the article to know some safety and self-defense tips that will come in handy when faced by an attacker. Educate yourself Educate yourself regarding the attacks that are happening now-a-days and know how […]

  • 010.10.12Motivational Tips to Exercise Daily

    Most people find exercise as recreational work that is to be done during their holidays. Many kids or teenagers take gym subscriptions during their vacations and finally stop going, due to some reasons like – lack of time after re-open of college, getting sick with regular hard exercise etc. The same thing happens with many […]

  • 06.17.11Tips for Better Meditation Practice

    Nowadays many people are practicing meditation but only few people manage to get better results. Why all practitioners cannot get better experience from meditation? Because they are not doing meditation in a proper way. If you are also one of these kind of persons, do not worry. Here are few tips for you that help […]

  • 04.20.11Essentials to be Included in Children’s Diet

    It is important for the parents to educate and encourage the children to maintain an appropriate weight and this can be done with the help of a good diet program. A balanced diet provides essential nutrients for the children and it should include following foods: Large variety of foods must be provided for the children […]