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Posts tagged ‘Drug Test’

  • 05.23.11Benefits of Drug Testing at Construction Sites

    Illegal drug abuse is the major concern for employers these days. Like many other industries, construction industry has many effects with the drug abused employees. A person working at the construction site by consuming drugs or alcohol is associated with many serious effects. So the employers should implement regular and efficient drug testing programs at […]

  • 02.16.11Preventing Teenage Smoking by Home Nicotine Testing

    Teenage people are more easily addicted to nicotine smoking. This may be due to peer pressure or any other reason. Symptoms of smoking nicotine among youth are to be detected by parents. Long-term addiction of youth to nicotine causes many health problems including heart and lung problems at teenage or other stages of life. Poor […]

  • 01.10.11Home Drug Test Kits Used by Parents

    Drug test kits which help in detecting the presence of a particular drug are being used by many organizations. Home drug testing kits are the more popular kits that have been used by parents. Many parents want to check if their children are abused to illegal drugs. This worry is lessened by use of home […]

  • 01.10.11Employee Marijuana Testing

    A major concern in the society these days is marijuana abuse. The drug has its effect on daily lives of its users. Also the performance of employee is affected by marijuana usage. This results in increasing costs of company. Some of the effects of marijuana usage include accidents, employee absenteeism, and theft. These are considered […]

  • 012.18.10Methods to Conduct Marijuana Drug Test at Home

    Marijuana is a commonly abused illegal drug, which has many negative effects on brain and body. THC, the main ingredient of the marijuana, can cause the user to have a high due to which decision making skills, focus and determination of user will become worse. Many people like teenagers, employees, sports players and others are […]