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Posts tagged ‘Dental’

  • 012.30.14Types of Dental X-Rays

    Dental X-rays are mainly categorized into two types: one is intra oral X-rays and the other is extra oral X-rays. There is another latest technique called the digital X-rays. Through these X-rays, it is possible to take the pictures of the teeth from both inside and outside of the mouth to know the condition of […]

  • 09.30.14Night Guards – Types and Uses

    Night guards are devices applied on the mouth to protect teeth from clenching or grinding. Night guards are also called occlusal guards. Night guards are the type of mouth guards applied during sleeping. These are mainly used to control snoring and bruxism. Night guards are available in different sizes and materials. Ideal characteristics of night […]

  • 06.23.14Tips to Take Care of Your Child’s Teeth

    As a parent, it is important to take care of their dental health, especially when they are unable to do it because of young age. By this, you can protect your kid’s oral health. Following are a few tips on how to take care of your kid’s health. Monitor child’s teeth regularly and make them […]

  • 06.15.14Advantages of Dental Veneers

    Dental veneer is a thin layer which is made of porcelain or composite resin and it is fit on the front surface of teeth. These are helpful to improve your appearance of teeth that are stained or mis-happened. Dental veneers help to change the shape, color and size of teeth. This is better cosmetic dentistry […]

  • 04.25.14Classification of Dental Implants

    Dental implants is an artificial tooth replacement surgery that replaces missing or damaged teeth. Many people choose this method, as it is a standard and recognized method for tooth replacement. The classification of dental implants is based on five things: 1. Implant design 2. Mechanism of attachment 3. Design of microscopic body 4. Surface of […]