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Posts tagged ‘Dental Industry’

  • 012.30.14Types of Dental X-Rays

    Dental X-rays are mainly categorized into two types: one is intra oral X-rays and the other is extra oral X-rays. There is another latest technique called the digital X-rays. Through these X-rays, it is possible to take the pictures of the teeth from both inside and outside of the mouth to know the condition of […]

  • 07.30.14Air Abrasion Helps to Avoid Conventional Drill Treatments

    Air abrasion and its procedure Before the coming of air abrasion technique, preparing your teeth for dental crowns, cavity removal and root canal treatment the dentist used to perform drills on your teeth. This was very irritating with lot of sound and painful treatment for the patients. But the air abrasion technique solves this issue. […]

  • 06.6.14Choosing an Orthodontist

    Orthodontists are dentists who are specialized and have advance training to treat the teeth. An orthodontist helps in treating with the malocclusion or “bad bite”. Choosing an orthodontist for you and your family is one of the biggest decisions. If you take a right decision in choosing an Orthodontist who is good with his work, […]

  • 04.25.14Classification of Dental Implants

    Dental implants is an artificial tooth replacement surgery that replaces missing or damaged teeth. Many people choose this method, as it is a standard and recognized method for tooth replacement. The classification of dental implants is based on five things: 1. Implant design 2. Mechanism of attachment 3. Design of microscopic body 4. Surface of […]

  • 03.4.14Get to Know Composite Filling

    Composite fillings are used to restore decayed teeth. These are natural tooth colored plastic or glass mixed with resin bases to fill the dental cavities. Composite filling is used to restore decayed teeth on either front or back of teeth. If you have a decayed tooth, the dentist removes the tooth and fills the space […]