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Posts tagged ‘Clothing’

  • 010.17.12Tips for Decorating Home Interiors

    Interior home decoration provides a chance to express yourself by displaying interiors based on your style and interests. There is an endless combination of interiors for decorating the home. Every home serves as a place to relax with family and friends. The rooms must be decorated in a way to ensure that you enjoy and […]

  • 09.25.12Space Saving Tips for Packing Suitcases

    Saving space in luggage is very important while packing suitcases. The reason is that the total volume of the suitcase is filled with only few essential items and you need another new bag to place the remaining items. However, carrying more luggage while traveling becomes difficult to the traveler as also s/he will not enjoy […]

  • 012.20.11Synthetic Textiles for Fabric Making

    The first ever man made artificial fibers, called cellulose fibers, were developed with the help of cellulose which comes from plants. With the invent of latest technology, the methods are made more simpler and the quality of the fibers developed form natural plants and animals are improved to a greater extent. These final improved quality […]

  • 012.20.11Nylon – Widely Used Artificial fiber

    Nylon came in to existence as a great replacement for silk. It is an excellent fiber which is used in many home furnishings and in different apparel making. It is one of the widely used artificial fibers and has substituted silk after silk became scarce. These fibers are used in many things like the fabrics, […]

  • 012.19.11Benefits of Buying Cotton Night suits

    Night suits or nightgowns or nightdresses all come under one category which are used especially during night times. So, what makes them common is the fabric used in all of them. Many people tend to look at the comfort of the nightwear prior to the style as these suits need to increase the quality of […]