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  • 03.3.14Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car Tires

    Maintaining your car tires will not only increase the safety of yourself and the passengers, but also help in driving vehicle for long time and someday selling it for better price. Learn about how to extend the life of the tires. Here are few simple tips. Check the tire pressure regularly – This should be […]

  • 03.2.14How does Your Car Suspension Work?

    The linkage system of shock absorbers and springs that are connected to vehicle’s body and its wheels is called suspension. The important function of the suspension is to keep the wheels in contact with the road. It allows the relative motion between wheels and vehicle. Suspension system serve for driving pleasure by contributing the vehicle’s […]

  • 02.7.14Tips for Dealing with the Car Dealer

    Coming to a deal with the car dealers, adapt an attitude that will help you walk away when you are not getting what you want. Doing so help you find another dealer. No matter how clever and experienced may be the sales person, use this attitude to your advantage. This article furnishes tips that will […]

  • 010.31.13Choosing the Right Type of Motor Oil for Your Car

    The engine is a very valuable part in the car. The engine oil is lifeblood for the engine. The life of the engine is depends on the quality of the oil put in it. People usually do not pay much attention to engine oil of their car. The car’s engine oil performs many functions. It stops the metal surfaces in the engine from tearing themselves apart from friction and from grinding together. The heat from the combustion cycle transfers away by oil. The waste byproducts of combustion like acids and silicon oxide (or silica) are hold by this. It reduces the exposure to oxygen so oxidation at higher temperatures is minimized. It does all these activities under tremendous pressure and heat.

  • 06.17.13Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe in Your Car

    Safety of their children is the most important for parents when driving a car because there are many risks that are associated. There are many reasons for injuries, and deaths of children even though safety belts, and car seats are used. Parents should watch their children and take the necessary precautions while driving a car […]