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Posts tagged ‘barcode scanners’

  • 02.17.11List of Different Types of Ribbons Used in Barcode Printers

    Barcodes represent optical machine readable data attached to items. These are used for various purposes in different fields. Barcode printers are the components which print barcodes on labels. Thermal printers are the most efficient barcode printers which can print high-quality barcode labels. Zebra printers are one of types of barcode printers commonly used. Thermal barcode […]

  • 01.27.11Know About the Application of Barcodes in Libraries

    Barcode technology is an automatic identification technology. It can be considered as a predefined format of dark bars and white spaces. Real-time data collection can be done faster with accuracy by use of barcode technology. Improvement in performance, productivity and profitability can be observed by combination of barcode technology with computer and application software. The […]

  • 01.7.11Know About Demand and Batch Modes of Barcode Label Printing

    Barcode label printing is done many industries by the use of Zebra printers, Wasp printers, SATO printers and many others. However, there is one important thing that has to be considered while barcode label printing. Sometimes it is considered that the speed of printing process is not that important. The main restraint is the time […]

  • 012.30.10Listing the Advantages of Barcodes

    Barcodes can be termed as a series of vertical bars of varying widths. Each of the digits from zero to nine are to be represented by a different pattern of bars. These are to be read by a laser scanner. The scanner used for reading barcode data is called a barcode scanner. Many types of […]

  • 012.20.10Using Mobile Barcode Scanner for All Your Requirements

    The recent innovation in the point of sale scanning market is mobile barcode scanner. You can access specific files, which you have found in database by using mobile barcode scanner. They come with a light sensor, a light source and a lens. These scanners are easy to use and are very comfortable like other new […]