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  • 06.18.13Essential Car Care Tips to Keep You on Road

    As we know, daily usage of your car leads to wear and tear. It also breaks down when you don’t take proper care. If car is not working well then you have to service your vehicle which costs you more money and need to undertake regular maintenance for uninterrupted performance. So, proper care and regular […]

  • 06.17.13Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe in Your Car

    Safety of their children is the most important for parents when driving a car because there are many risks that are associated. There are many reasons for injuries, and deaths of children even though safety belts, and car seats are used. Parents should watch their children and take the necessary precautions while driving a car […]

  • 06.12.13Distracted Driving-Driving with Kids in the Car

    These days, most families are driving to get from one place to another for one or other reason. So, wherever they go they need to take their kids along with them in their vehicle. Driving with child passengers are so distracting that which can lead to poor driving performance. Poor driving performance in turn leads […]

  • 06.11.13Tips for Protecting Children from Unsafe Driving Situations?

    Many people are think that learning driving is enough and they are not bothered about the remaining things. Below 17 years of age, millions of people were killed in different vehicle crashes. Most of the drivers are also of teenagers. To protect the people who are killed in these accidents, governments of countries decided to […]

  • 05.24.13Tips to Prevent an Accident When the Car Brakes Fail?

    Brakes are one of the important components of a vehicle. Brakes are designed for ease and safety. If these brakes are not functioning well or malfunctioning, you lose the ability to control your vehicle and you risk your life as well as other people surrounding you. However, brake failure rarely occur.. But imagine, what you […]