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Posts from the ‘Society’ Category

  • 09.5.14Safety and Self-defense Tips for Youth

    Whether it is a boy or a girl, both genders should know some self-defense tips to protect themselves from the attacker. Read the article to know some safety and self-defense tips that will come in handy when faced by an attacker. Educate yourself Educate yourself regarding the attacks that are happening now-a-days and know how […]

  • 09.5.14Useful Tips to Get Help from the Lawyer when Your Business Has a Legal Problem

    Business owners face multiple challenges when running their business. Your business might encounter a legal issue. Most business owners put off dealing with a legal issues because they don’t know where to turn and are mostly afraid of the time and cost involved. Legal issues come in many forms, you need to tackle them in […]

  • 09.4.14Tips to be Followed While Buying Car Tires

    Tires are an important feature of your vehicle. If you have car tires that are worn-out or not suited to drive, you and your vehicle will be at potential risk. Most drivers don’t have much knowledge about car tires – how to purchase. For example, some of them buy tires according to price and availability […]

  • 09.3.14Symptoms of Failure of Air Filters in Your Vehicle and How to Replace it

    Get to know the air filter in your car The air filter is used to prevent the dirt entering the engine. It separates the abrasive particles entering the combustion system. A blocked air filter can lower your car’s fuel efficiency. Regular driving on dirt also can cause quick clogging in your air filters. Regular cleaning […]

  • 09.2.14Factors Considered by Court for Parental Relocation in Case of Divorce

    Have you applied for the parental relocation orders or are you going to file a petition for getting these orders? If so, you should know the following factors, which the court considers when approving the parental relocation orders in case of divorce. If you can satisfy all those factors, you are eligible for getting parental […]