Stress Busting Activities That Never Goes Wrong

It seems only permanent thing in today’s world is stress. This one word is the most secular thing in this universe as it affects everyone, irrespective of stature, age, caste, creed, gender, nationality and everything else that can divide human being. It is not always in our hand to solve the problem which is the origin of stress, but we can surely find fruitful ways to deal with this killing word. Here are some time tested formulas to fight stress successfully.

Physical Activities

Exercise of all kinds has a very positive impact on stress. Jogging, running, working out sessions, biking, hiking and even walking regulates our blood circulation, heart functioning and tones our muscles. This contributes to the blood pressure control. At the same time, it distracts our mind from the stress causing factors for a long time. Apart from these activities, spending some quality time on yoga mat can also help you fight stress. Breathing exercises, different asanas and meditation can help you go a long way.


Creation gives a pleasure that cannot be compared to anything else. No matter what you do, upon completion, it will give you a feeling of fulfilment. It outweighs the effect of stress to a long extent. If you are aware of your creative skills, then you are already ahead. If not, explore yourself. It can lie anywhere- in writing, painting, drawing, sketching, creating music, designing etc. Today, finding a platform is not a difficult task anymore. There are different websites that can help you hone your skill and flaunt it. And when you will find even unknown people appreciating your talent you didn’t know existed, your life will get a new direction.

Staying Close to Nature

Spend time with yourself amidst nature. It can be a park, some lakeshore, river bank or simply your garden. It is said that the level of stress causing hormone cortisol remains lowered if you are close to the soil. This is why studies have proven that people who love gardening have lowered stress level. You don’t need to have a lawn or garden for it. You can put flower pots in your balcony, patio or even window sills where the plants can get ample air and sunlight. Presence of green inside your home itself will make a difference to your stress level and you will be able to feel it instantly.

Eat Healthy, Think Better

The famous tagline of a company is true in its sense. Erratic food habit has worsened the situation. Cooking from scratch is almost forgotten in developed countries. Bottled curries or frozen ready to eat food have disturbed the metabolism pattern of human being. And when it is coupled with odd timing of food habit, you are left with physical as well as psychological health hazards. Have a meal rich in anti-oxidants, fibers, and probiotics. Eat and sleep on time. These little changes will gradually help you lower down the stress level even without de-stressing activities.