How to De-stress Your Body and Mind

If there could be one word today to which every single person can relate to is undoubtedly stress. From students to employees, and from employers to homemakers – each one of has at least some degree of stress. Blame it on the tough cut throat competition, erratic work schedule, unhealthy food habit or the rat race that we are in, stress will never spare you. But since we cannot evade it, we must find ways to deal with it so that we can have a healthy and hearty life. Pursuing some long lost hobby is the best way to go for it. Let us discuss some of the creative hobbies that have been time tested ways to fight stress.

  1. Music– When we discuss pursuing hobbies, music comes first to our mind. There will be only rare few who have no love for music. If you don’t belong to that category, go for music therapy. Singing, playing some instrument, listening and even learning music can de-stress your mind and soul. This spending quality time with yourself will have a heavenly effect on you. By lowering down the stress level, it actually boosts up your health as well.

  2. Gardening– Those who love gardening will agree that seeing a plant grow, flower and then seeing it blooming gives the pleasure that can only be compared with parenthood. It is like giving life to a new soul. It is scientifically proven that components present in the soil help lowering down of the stress level. Also, being closer to the earth brings about a remarkable change in your psyche. Do not hold yourself back if you are in a small apartment without a garden. Go for terrace, patio or balcony gardening. For even smaller homes, start with putting one pot on the window which gets ample of sunlight. Small cactus or show plants can be put in kitchen and bathroom as well. Indoor gardening will help you deal with your stress and at the same time, make your home beautiful as well.

  3. Knitting and stitching– Creating something always gives a heavenly pleasure. Try your hand at knitting, stitching and even quilting. It is not uncommon for people to think that you need special knack and creativity. It is often regarded as the autonomy of women as well. But you should try it to know how false these concepts are. If you are new at it, there are several stitching kits, magazines and other aids for the beginners available online as well as supermarkets. Instead of pursuing an old hobby, why not start a new one.

  4. Writing– Today pursuing your writing skills is no longer a big deal. Write all you can and want and if you want people to know it, publish it in a blog site. There are other social media handles as well, where you can share your talent. No deadlines, no topics allotted, no dos and donts, it is all about writing just what you want. While writing will relieve your stress, appreciations will boost up your moral to continue with it.