Tips to Improve Website User Experience

User experience is associated with easy understanding interface for any product, services or system and the system could be a website or any web application. Now has become very common for individuals or organizations to have a website and many companies are in direction of thinking user experience as proportional to number of visitors.

User experience depends on users perception, their reaction to the product or service and also includes usability. It varies from one user to another and can be improved in various ways for betterment of experience.

Why User Experience is Important?
website monitoringWhen it comes to websites, creating good user experience matters a lot because it helps in increasing the number of visitors. There are different aspects to creating good user experience. It includes minimizing site downtime issues, enhancing site performance, making the site mobile friendly, having good content, optimizing design elements for better site speed etc. Today, businesses have realized the importance of user experience in creating potential customers and are seeking quality in every service they use for their websites, which includes hosting, site monitoring, CDNs, adservers for advertisement and others. By working on few changes on their site, they can provide better browsing experience to their customers.

Below are Some tips to Improve User Experience

Loading Speed of Page
site monitoringThis is the most irritating experience faced by user when the site takes lots of time to load the page. With the rise in Smart phone usage people are accessing content on the go and they expect a fast result for the content they want. If it takes too long to load they abandon the site and move on to another one which is providing the same product or service.

Maintain Better site Uptime
Site uptime plays an important role in user experience. It is referred as maintaining the site without downtime or performance issues. For online businesses maintaining proper uptime is essential otherwise it can make users frustrated. They feel like wasting time and switch themselves to another website.

Work on White Space
White space is empty space between picture, buttons, icons, paragraph and other items on your website or web page. How you utilize white space can have various impact on user experience and decision making. Utilizing white space in a proper way makes the layout clear and gets more viewers attention. It also makes the page readable and user friendly.

Make it Authentic Proof
People always look for genuine websites and seldom do transactions on a website that has no proper security. Authentic websites have more sales than others because users feel safe and secure for doing transactions. Making the website more trustworthy is not only user convenient but also adds credibility.

Mobile Friendly
monitoring serviceWith the evaluation in mobile technology, today people prefer visiting websites on smartphones for convenience. The practice of visiting websites through computers is gradually decreasing as more number of users are going for mobile view of websites. For smooth user experience on mobiles, most of the businesses are going for responsive design of their websites. Making the site mobile friendly opens the opportunity for more potential customers.