Linux or Windows? What to Choose for Your Website?

Are you selecting a web hosting plan for your website and unable to think what OS to choose – Linux or Windows in your hosting plan? To get the solution to your question read out this article. This will help you in choosing the right OS that will satisfy the your sites requirements based on various conditions.

Hardware technology
When it comes to hardware support, Windows is more supportive for this hardware technology as compared to Linux. Though there advancements made in Linux hardware technology because some companies don’t support or don’t offer drivers for the Linux whereas the users of windows are more and has large drivers support many manufacturers support the hardware in the windows.

There is a huge support for both of these software in the form of online documentation, books in all versions, etc. But, users feel difficult in finding the variants of Linux.

As Linux is an open source – all the software or Linux variants are available free or at low prices. On the other hand, Windows variants or server are costlier as this OS is owned and controlled by Microsoft.

User friendliness
Windows variants are more user friendly as it will be easy to use even by the new users though Linux variables are improving dramatically. The GUI of the windows made it easy for the users to use especially for the people who have no technical skills but when it comes to Linux people feel very difficult if they have no technical skills.

Reliabilitywebsite monitor
Linux is more reliable than the Windows because the versions of the Linux can run smoothly over months and years without any rebooting. Even though there are great improvements in the latest versions of Windows it is not much reliable as the Linux.

Software prices
As Linux is an open source, software applications, games, utilities and even complex applications are available free. But when it comes to Windows, though there are a few applications free, a big chunk of them will cost more than what you think.

Though programmers are trying to secure the operating-systems with latest technologies they are being attacked by the hackers and with vulnerabilities like malware, virus, etc. Therefore, when coming to security though the developers are taking care, they can be attacked at some time. But when we compare the two technologies, windows is somewhat more secure than the Linux though it is a secure operating system.