Safety Features that You should look in Vehicles

Whenever you are looking for car it is important to see the safety features. Even if it is a old car or new car. It is better to go for a test drive, because you can check the comfortability of head rests and seat belt and also roof structures. Take your test drive in the evening times, because you can able to know the performance of headlights. Some important features that you should check in new car.

Air bags
Front air bags will prevent us by hitting the dashboard, windshield and steering when some thing happened unexpectedly, like hitting the objects. Side air bags will helps you by preventing to hit the doors. The opening of air bags is completely depends on the speed when you get hits by an object. The air bags will save lives when people gets the dangerous situations. It is more helpful when you wear a seat belt. Because by wearing a seat belt your position is not going to change. So air bags will help you by not hitting any other objects in your car. Children under 12 years of age should be sit in rear seat. Because air bags will injure them if they sit in front seats.

Seat Belts
Seat belts will helps to people by preventing to hit the steering, windshield, and dashboard. Some times it will saves the life. It holds the person and avoids risk of hitting when a accident occurs. Adjustable shoulder belts are best for every one. Because according to their height and size it can be adjusted.

Anti lock break system
In short form anti lock break system is called as ABS. Assume that if your are driving a car in high speed, if suddenly anything happens you may be panic and you will use brake hardly. Which means you are stopping wheels suddenly. That may cause to loose your grip on steering. So to avoid this kind of situations anti lock break system will help you. ABS stops the sudden stopping of wheels at the same time it avoids the delay of stopping a vehicle.

Traction control
Traction control will helps the vehicle by giving the stability. It controls the wheels movement when you are used a high power. The traction control system has a capability of controlling the engine power when it is required. Traction control will helps you when your car is also having a 4 wheel anti lock breaking system. Some traction controls are works in low speeds and some will works in all speeds.