Factors Considered by Court for Parental Relocation in Case of Divorce

Have you applied for the parental relocation orders or are you going to file a petition for getting these orders? If so, you should know the following factors, which the court considers when approving the parental relocation orders in case of divorce. If you can satisfy all those factors, you are eligible for getting parental relocation.

Some of the factors, which the law considers for issuing parental relocation orders are:

Age and maturity of the child
The first thing the law considers in parental relocation is the age, needs of the child, development stage or maturity of the child, etc. because this may effect the physical and mental behavior of the child who is going to relocate with his/her parent and also considers the special needs of the child if they are important.

Child relation with the person relocating
Checks out the relationship between the child and the person who is relocating with the child and checks whether the relocating person is actually the parent of the child or not. It also considers the strength and the nature of the relationship between the child and the important person in the child’s life.

Benefits of the child: The court also considers the benefits that the child get when he/she is relocated with the parent. If the child is able to get any additional benefits over the native place then, there will be a chance of approving the relocation orders by court.

Preferences of the children: This is an essential point to be noted and the court gives more importance to this factor. The court asks the preferences of the children by imposing several questions on him/her. A crucial point to note here is the age and maturity of the child, this is considered in giving importance to the child’s preferences.

Child security issues: It also considers the impact of the family problems and violence on the child safety, security etc. and checks whether these factors influences the security of the child or not.

Law considers all these issues and find whether they have positive or negative impact on the child and his/her physical and mental behavior. It will access them and gives the approval if the relocation is good for the child otherwise it will not approve the parental relocation. So, you need to check with these factors when you are approaching a court for parental relocation and must be able to show the law all the proofs correctly and should be able to prove by proper answering to the queries that are raised by court at the time of proceeding.