Choosing Online Advertising

Ad serverAccording to the research report by “Ad-ology” about ‘planning of small businesses spendings on advertisments in 2013’, which is generated by surveying 1,438 small busineses in USA in jan 2013.

  • 30.5% of small business spend more than $1000 evry year for advertising their company and product in 2012. This includes both traditional and online advertisments. Businesses said that they increase this number in 2013 for spending on social media marketing, mobile marketing and digital marketing.
  • Most of the small businesses surveyed also said that, they are planning to advertise on one-to-one basis. So, they will choose email marketing and implement it by mid of 2013.
  • Some of the small businesses who newly adopted online advertising said their main prefrences will be postings, tweets and some social games or contests to gain attention of the users.
  • 20.5% of small businesses planning to increase their spending on social media network.
  • 25% of small businesses are going to have their business website while 20% of them are optimizing their business website to be on top of search engine result pages list.
  • 30.5% of small businesses spend more money on mobile advertising like applications and texts for their promotion in 2013.

AdserverBy analyzing above figures, it is clear that the online advertising is growing and small businesses are planning to spend more money and time on online advertisements in future. It is because they have understood the benefits of using online advertisements.

As the craze for online advertising is increasing among small businesses, number of companies offering search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) services are increasing.

Businesses should be very careful when decided to have a website and optimize it with the help of a company providing SEO services. Before you approach a company, it is mandatory that you have a clear understanding of your own business. Businesses should know what their company products/services are? To whom they are targeting to? How your business should appear to users on internet? Who are the competitors? etc.

After a serious research on your business, identify the terms which are strongly related to your business. These terms or words are called “keywords”. This part of the research is very crucial. There is nothing wrong,if more than enough time is taken in identifying your keywords.

Once business is ready with the answers for above questions, you should choose the best SEO company. Have a detailed discussion on what you want, get some ideas from them which are useful for you, ask them about the previous assignments/projects they did and how they made that client company website stand on top of search engine results page list.

SEO is a time taking process and return on investment(ROI) cannot be expected immediately.

Choosing the good SEO company and knowing your business well will definitely help your business with more number of potential customers through your optimized website.