Road Safety Tips

Roads are the lifelines of the human civilization that connects peoples and cultures. Since time immemorial roads are playing a significant role in mobilizing persons from one part of the world to another. But with time and technological advancement these roads have become the places where everyday many people lose their lives due to their own ignorance and others’. Roads have turned into vulnerable places. Apparently rules and regulations were put into force to curb these accidents and save lives. These rules were put in effect to coordinate the road traffic and minimize casualties due to road accidents. Many times, accidents happen unintentionally but quite often they take place as the drivers fail to follow the laws designed for their own safety and in the process, they also jeopardize safety of others.

Things to remember
Roads can be made more safe with few little efforts of the people using it. There are certain points which if considered can lead to a great reduction in the road accidents.

  • The vehicles must be inspected regularly for safety purposes. The brake pads should be checked properly and the tire pressure should be maintained under prescribed limits. Other things like brake and transmission fluid levels should be checked regularly. Other vital systems of the car should be also checked.
  • Almost everyone must practice defensive driving. Defensive driving is the art of driving in a way that the drivers interprets the conditions around him correctly and take appropriate decisions regardless of the mistakes done by others to save lives, time and money.
  • The driver must ensure sound self consciousness levels before he takes on the steering wheel. Ignoring this can have heavy consequences on self and fellow passengers. Hence the driver must ensure that he should not resort to driving after consuming alcohol and other drugs. Apparently he should not drive when he feels sick or drowsy.
  • The traffic rules have been made for our own safety and we must honor them. They should be given due respect and followed. The speed limits should be adhered and over speeding should be avoided
  • The driver should not be distracted towards other things while driving. This includes using the mobile phones, eating and enjoying songs with loud volume. This can be a probable cause of accidents.
  • The car safety measures should be followed and the driver should not be lax while pursuing them. They might be simple but they are very effective in saving life during a mishap. Seat belts are one of them. Getting air bags installed is another. Similarly condition of other system diagnostics should be checked.
  • One should be extra cautious while driving in bad weathers like fog and rain. They hamper the clear vision of the driver and can be cause for a prospective accident. One should get fog lights installed for the purpose and get wipers checked.

Driver must insure adhering to all the measures that leas to safety for self and others on road. Avoiding accidents can lead to a lot of saving of life and property. Roads make transportation convenient and they should act like lifelines connecting mankind for many years to come.