Constructing a Rock Garden with Sustainable Rock

miniature gardenAre you planning to construct a rocky garden? For this, rock is the main feature or center of attraction. Many people like rock garden as they give natural look to the garden. Constructing a rocky garden involves step by step process. To know the process read the article.

Choosing landscape
For rocky gardens the landscape that you choose should be hard. It gives rough look to the garden. As rock is the main feature of the garden, it is better to choose hard landscape. Hard landscapes are chosen because they need to withstand huge rock.

Choose a sustainable rock
For constructing a rock garden you should choose sustainable rock of various sizes and shapes for your garden as they give a natural look. Once you select the landscape or location of the garden, then find the rock that matches the landscape. The rock or stone that you choose should match your local area for, this the stones that are available locally give local look and will be of less expensive compared to the other stones. It is recommended to use the same rock material for your entire garden otherwise it won’t be pleasing to the eyes. It is also suggested that using old rocks give more natural appearance. Once you get the rock to the location arrange them with its neighboring rock on the soil but, with a narrow opening in between the rock where the soil is exposed so that you can grow the plants. Arrangement plays a crucial role in giving natural look to your garden.

Select the planting strategy
Once you arrange the stones, you should choose the plant species that you want to grow in the garden. There should be a planting strategy for miniature gardenchoosing the species. Better don’t start planting while rock construction because this may damage the plants and plant only after the hard construction of the rock. When choosing the plants you should see that it matches overall landscape of the garden for giving a beautiful vision. Check each species you choose like color, height they grow, sun or shade or moisture tolerance, strength etc. as they are exposed to the whether conditions. Once you choose the plants the, start planting them carefully in between the rocks that you have constructed so, as both should be visible out. Once you have planted the construction will be completed and garden comes out beautifully.

This is how, you should construct your rock garden in a processed manner. Rock gardens give more natural look than normal gardening.