Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car’s Battery

Everybody likes to own a car but it is also important to maintain it to extend it’s lifetime. You r car needs a lot of care and attention. The car’s battery is an most important part and is the main cause for a car breakdown too. To keep your battery in good condition, we need to do the following :

Check the electrolyte level in a battery
The electrolyte level should be checked in a battery, it should be half an inch above the battery top plates. If it does not rise, use distilled water to raise its level. Do not use tap water as it may contain minerals that can damage the battery.

A maintenance free battery should be installed in your car
Check your battery regularly to extend it’s life even if the manufacturer says your battery is maintenance free. Avoid a dead battery in your car. In winter’s, battery power will fall down to 50 percent.

Cars battery should be charged properly
Keep the battery case clean as dirt can cause your battery to lose charging. Also, do not keep your vehicle on for long as this can discharge current from your battery and this causes recharge of your battery. Charging of battery regularly may reduce the life of your battery. Drive your vehicle constantly to avoid reduction of battery’s charging.

Keep your battery clean
Check for your battery terminals whether clean or not. A dirty battery case can drain out current. You need to wipe it with a damp cloth and also use some mild detergent if needed.

To avoid scratches or cracks on a battery
To keep the battery in a good condition, avoid scratches or cracks on battery. Check whether the battery is connected properly without any loose connections. If you find scratches or bulges on a battery then it needs a replacement with a new one.

Replace your car battery after every 3-4 years
If it’s been three to four years and you did not replace your battery, it’s time to replace as battery may become disfuctional at any point of time. If you find cracks and bulges on your battery, it’s time to replace. In addition, check the case of battery for any damage.

Servicing for your car is a must on a regular basis
Have your car serviced regularly to check for the engine condition as poor engine condition can overload your battery and shorten its lifespan. Make sure that the batter and its terminals are cleaned and checked after every car service. Check the battery charging rate at every servicing.