Remedies for Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are nothing but having mild pain during consumption of cold or hot food. It is nothing but sensitivity. The pain caused by sensitivity may last for hours. This is a sign of dental problems. This problem is commonly seen in the age group 20-40 and women are effected mostly.

Reasons for sensitive teeth:

  • Sensitivity usually occurs when the enamel layer which protects the dentine becomes thin and exposed.
  • Other reasons may include having gum diseases, cracked tooth and dental erosion.
  • Fractures in the teeth, cavities, teeth girding, exposed teeth root may also cause sensitivity.
  • Brushing teeth hardly may also result in sensitivity.
  • Age is one more factor.
  • Consuming acid and sugar foods.

Steps to avoid sensitivity:

  • To avoid sensitivity you can take some precautions at your home, like using tooth pastes that are branded and suggested by your dentist.
  • You can also rub the tooth paste in the place you are having the problem of sensitivity.
  • It the usage of tooth paste doesn’t give you relief from the pain, visit the dentist for treatment.
  • The dentist may offer you some gels and rinses to be applied on the sensitive area based on the sensitiveness and will give you some desensitizing products to get relief from the pain.
  • If it doesn’t work then the person will be suggested to go for root filling process by the dentist.

Precautions to be taken:

  • Brush your teeth with fluoride contained tooth paste
  • Change the tooth brush once in 2 or 3 months
  • Use a soft brush that doesn’t harm your teeth or jaws
  • Teeth grinding must be avoided
  • Be careful with your food habits
  • Avoid intake of too cold or hot foods

These precautions will keep you away from sensitivity problems. Apart from this, you must visit the dentist if pain starts again. Oral hygiene is good for your teeth and for your health. So, stay away from dental problems by taking dental care properly.