Choosing an Orthodontist

Orthodontists are dentists who are specialized and have advance training to treat the teeth. An orthodontist helps in treating with the malocclusion or “bad bite”. Choosing an orthodontist for you and your family is one of the biggest decisions. If you take a right decision in choosing an Orthodontist who is good with his work, then your smile and overall oral health improves. Here are few ways to choose an Orthodontist.

How frequently will the visit be?
Appointments are scheduled according to the patient’s needs. For every 5-10 weeks most patients will be seen with the braces. The appointment scheduled will be sent as a message, e-mail, or by a call to the patient or patient’s guardian. It is not advisable to start the treatment if you will not be able to keep the appointment. Canceling the appointment will extent the period of treatment.

How long does the entire process takes place?
Treatment period depends on the patient’s specific orthodontic problem. The entire process of treatment may last from 8-30 months which is a long term period, depending upon the seriousness of case. In general, the average treatment usually lasts upto 18-24 months. If the period of treatment is short term like 6-8 months then after a period of time the teeth may come back to its original place.

How much experience does the orthodontist have?
Having a good conversation with the orthodontist before the treatment helps you know the experience of the orthodontist as well as builds an orthodontist/patient relationship which helps in understanding the orthodontic treatment. Knowing the experience of your orthodontist helps in generating your confidence and trust in orthodontic treatment.

How much will the treatment charge?
The charge of the treatment depends upon the type of the dental braces used. For every individual the cost of the treatment is different depending upon the case or the period of time taken. Orthodontic treatment can also be done through the dental insurance which includes limitations in dental insurance plan.

Any additional charges?
No additional charges for the orthodontic treatment unless and until any retainers are lost or misplaced. This could lead to additional charges for replaced one.

Make sure before going for the treatment you have thorough knowledge and research regarding the orthodontist and the treatment.