Mobile Website Optimization Tips for Auto Dealerships

More and more people are accessing Internet through their tablet and smartphones. So, it is important that the auto dealerships make sure their websites have to display on those devices. If you want to outsource your website to a developer or to other company, it is fine. When you want to develop your own, follow the below tips to make your website better.

  • Use m-dot URL: People search in the search engines (like Google, Yahoo, etc.) through their phones as same as search on a desktop computer. So, there is a need to make changes as per the search engine optimization for your dealership website. One of the important consideration is m-dot URL. It will help Google and other search engines recognize. Your dealership’s mobile website will index separately by the search engines from your standard website.
  • Keep the mobile website simple: The mobile website should be simple and clear. Make it to load quickly in the mobile browser. If it is loading quickly and clear to understand, the user can not go for other site and browse the other parts of the website, it will give a good impression on the website and to the dealership firm.
  • Optimize meta viewport tag: The meta viewport tag is used to specifying for controlling page scale and viewport width. It is a HTML tag. Using the meta viewport tag we can set the page zoom while at first loading as disable the zoom capability and maximum zoom allowed for the page.
  • Reduce the text entry requirement by the user: Using a tiny keyboard on mobile phone, smartphones and other hand held devices is difficult for many people. So reduce the text entering necessity as much as possible. Use the drop down menus and other buttons to select and browse the website. It will give a good experience to the user to read and browse the website.
  • Avoid pop-up windows, Java and Flash: These will make the trouble to the mobile users in different ways.
    • Pop-up windows: It is difficult to browse in a mobile web browser for many tabs at a time. When there is a need to open a pop-up put the redirect. Otherwise the page loading time will increase. If the pop-up is essential, give a warning or option to the user to open a pop-up.
    • Java and Flash: iPhones have thirty percent of the market share. The problem with them is, they do not support Flash. So, if you build your auto dealership website in Flash, you lose the potential of your website. Also, many phones do not support the Java. Therefore, avoid them as much as possible.
  • Do not use too many images: Images or photos are the backbone for the auto dealership websites. Without them, users might not get interested to see an auto website. But images should not too many, and too high sized. Keep the images where ever necessary and try to keep their size is small but not the quality of the image.

Allow users to see your complete website through mobile, and keep a link to see the full version of the website. Showcase within a small area for your brand and creativity.