Tips for Driving Safely at School Zones

Schools zones are supposed to keep safe for kids. This is because the kids arrive and leave the school. Caregivers and the parents those who drive in school neighborhoods and on school campus need more care in driving by following the safe driving practices. During the times of arrival and dismissal, drivers are hurry and distracted. It leads to unsafe conditions to the students and other people those who are driving, bicycling and walking in that area. Follow these tips for safety driving at school zones.

  • Children may ride in front you or unexpectedly run or cross the street at the wrong place. While you are driving in a school zone, know what is around you.
  • Stop your vehicle at crosswalks and stop signs properly. It is illegal to pass through one held by a crossing guard or a stationary stop sign or other safety representative.
  • Follow the speed limits imposed or indicated in that area. The chances are more to injure a pedestrian when you are driving faster. If you are faster the serious of injury is also high.
  • Put away from the distracting electronic devices. In a few states it is illegal to use the cell phones while driving in school zones. It is even good to do not use while driving at any place. Talking on cell phone will reduce the reaction time. Even a couple of seconds also can double the chance of crashing.
  • Texting while driving is as dangerous as drunk drunk driving.
  • Avoid stopping on crosswalks or double parking to let the children out of the vehicle. It blocks the visibility of other motorists and other children. During the fog or rainy seasons, on the car windows condensation will form. It will further decrease the visibility.
  • Make the contact with walkers on the road. If you are unable to made eye contact with pedestrians, expect that they did not see you and just going.
  • At different locations across the street from the school, don’t loading and unloading the children. It leads to cross the streets unnecessarily by the children.
  • Give sufficient place to the buses to load and unload the children. Keep ten feet away from the school bus. If you tempt to violate the rules, you will be caught on the rear camera of the school bus.
  • If you are a commuter and not a parent or no need to go for pickup and dropping the children at the school, avoid the school zone if you can and choose a new route.

The most dangerous period at the school zone is after the school period between 3 pm and 4 pm. This is the time more school pedestrians are killed by the motorists. So be more careful during this time.