Tips for Cleaning Car Tires and Wheels

Cleaning your car tires will not only improve the car’s appearance but also ensures better braking and traction control. If you don’t clean your tires regularly, the dust gets accumulated and can damage the effectiveness of break pads.
This article contains some tips for cleaning your car tires and wheels.

Tips for cleaning car tires

1) Using a tire cleaner
When cleaning your car tires, it is important for you to use proper cleaning agent. There are many tire cleaners available in the market especially for removing the elements that obstructs its performance. Based on the instructions given on the packaging of the cleaner, apply the cleaner on your tires and wheels.

2) Scrub your tires
For removing all the dirt and debris that accumulates on the tires with everyday driving, use a feather bristled brush. Start scrubbing the wheel and rise off before moving to next wheel. See to it that you get in to the crevices of the tire where the break pads are. This is the area where most of the dust gets accumulated. If necessary, rinse and repeat again.

3) Dry with a cloth
Never forget to dry your entire tire and wheel. Use a terry cloth for drying it. And remember, once the towel used for drying the tires and wheels, it should be used for tires only. Drying of water prevents spots or stains from water. Further, the wax you may be applying to your tires will get dissolved and will not work properly.

4) Applying wax
Once your tires are dry, apply a wheel wax in order to seal the surface of the wheel. With an applicator pad, apply the wax and buff the wheel. This will not only make your wheels shiny but also protects them from UV rays which can break down the rubber of the tires.

Spending a few extra minutes for cleaning your car tires will provide you with extra miles in future.