How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy?

It is necessary to keep your teeth and gums healthy to avoid dental problems. Dental problems like tooth decay, gum problems and sensitivity problems can be avoided by brushing your teeth daily.

1.Use a fluoridated tooth paste

  • Use a fluoridated tooth paste for cleaning your teeth.
  • Fluoridated tooth paste removes the stains from the teeth.

2.Brush twice daily

  • Brush your teeth twice daily which keeps the teeth clean and healthy. Once in the bed time and before breakfast.
  • Brush for 2-5 minutes each time.
  • Use small circular movements to clean your teeth.
  • Gums should also be brushed to make gums healthy and strong.

3. Use proper tooth Brush

  • Use a good nylon soft bristle tooth brush that should not hurt the enamel or gums.
  • Change the brush for every 3 months or whenever the bristles worse.

4. Floss regularly

  • Floss regularly before brushing which removes the food particles clog between the teeth.
  • It helps to prevent tooth decay.
  • Move the floss up and down helps to remove the plaque.

5. Avoid sugary foods

  • Avoid eating more sugary foods and juices. These are prone to tooth decay.
  • Avoid eating acidic items which dissolves the enamel present on the surface of teeth. This makes the teeth become thin and chipping of teeth and sensitivity to cold and hot.

6. Rinse mouth

  • Rinse the mouth with water after meals this helps to remove the food clogged between the teeth.
  • Rise mouth with fluoride alcohol free mouth washes helps to remove plaque.

7. Avoid smoking & alcohol

  • Avoid smoking and drinking beverages and alcohol makes discoloration of teeth.
  • Smoking gives bad odour from mouth and leads to tooth decay.
  • Do not use teeth other than chewing. Do not use teeth for opening bottle caps.

8. Eating habitat

  • Eat healthy foods containing vitamin-c foods and calcium. Calcium makes the teeth strong.
  • Do not eat sticky food. This gets clogged into the teeth leads to tooth decay.
  • Avoid taking acidic foods which leads to the destruction of enamel on the tooth surface.
  • Chew sugarless gums that increase the flow of saliva in the mouth. This removes the bacteria from mouth.

9. Visit dentist

  • Regular dental checkup to know whether your teeth are prone to dental problems like tooth decay and gum problems is important.

10. Mouth guards

  • Wear a mouth guard when playing active sports.