Tips to Restore a Vehicle’s Cloudy Headlights

Headlight repair or headlight restoration involves the process of cleaning headlight lens. An equipments available in local auto parts store or with headlight cleaner kits. First, check all the required things. You need to headlight restoration kit, elbow grease, detailing cloths or dry towels, power drill (depends on your restoration kit), painters or masking tape, and a spray bottle with cold water, or window cleaner or car wash solution.

  • First you need to remove debris and surface level dirt. To do so, clean the headlight area with water and soap. You can also do the trick with household glass cleaner. Wait until the headlights are completely dry, and then move to the next step.
  • Taper the surrounding areas or the headlights touching painted panels. It prevents the damage to the paint during the process. Some restoration kits like turtle wax are required to apply a clarifying compound coat to headlamp assembly before you are going to sanding process. For other kits may not need then you may skip the below step.
  • Both kits provide a few different sandpaper strengths or grits. Using a spray bottle filled with lubricant or water, get the sandpaper piece and wet the headlight. With the lowest number pressure of the sandpaper piece rub in a side to side motion. Do not touch the car’s other parts. Always keep headlight assembly and sandpaper piece as wet with water. Then rub with up and down motion.
  • Dry the lens assembly of the headlight with detailing cloth or paper towel.
  • Apply a dab of the given polisher paste or liquid to buffing ball or an applicator pad. Almost immediately You should be able to see the clarity difference of the headlights. With a detailing cloth or paper towel dry the headlight lens assembly.
  • After you are satisfied with the improved look of the headlights, finish the job by pouring sealer protectant with conservative amount on to towel or separate applicator pad. In case of turtle wax, a small towelette already applied, and run it.
  • Remove the tape that you applied in the beginning to the headlights. By this you are done the restoring. Let the sealant sit for some time probably for a few hours.

Any make and any vehicle such as domestic or foreign, car or truck will affect by the cloudy headlights. The number of those vehicles can be in hundreds of thousands. If you go for restore or replacement to any dealer or mechanic, it will be very expensive. So by doing yourself will save your valuable money as well it is easy and quick. Anyone can do it without any type of special training.