Tips for Effective Internet Banner Advertising

ad serverAccording a study by Forrester, in 2012 the spend on digital display ads was $12.7 billion By 2017 this number would be $28 billion. Unfortunately most of the digital advertising is being wasted or is misguided. This is because often a simple strategy and marketing plan is not followed. This results in the investment on advertising goes wasted. The following will help you make your banner advertising more effective.

  • Research for the best suitable ad for you: Before you are creating Internet ad, start by analyzing others’ ads. You can get a clear idea with your competitors’ ads. Check what your competitors are doing, whether it is right or wrong, those ads are too busy, whether they are specific or not enough. You can find those ads by visiting major portals like Find three or more ads of your competitors that are more attractive for you. Look at them for common attractions. It will help you to add those attractive features in your ads.
  • Make sure graphics and text is clearly indicating message: The main objective of a banner ad is to take particular action after a user viewing the ad. To capture the user’s interest, a clear and strong message will help. Clear communication is simply that to tell the potential customers as understanding what you are selling and the benefits you are offering.

  • Keep the ad file size small: Some websites and ad servers will give the limit of ad file size. Whether they given or not keep your file size low. Generally considered that a 468 x 60 pixel banner ad should be 12 kb or less, and make sure to do not exceed any ad to more than 50 kb. If the file size is bigger, it will take longer time to load the website, so the user may leave the website before the ad displayed. A bigger size of the files also leads user frustration. One of the easiest ways to make the file size small is, limit the colors and save it in GIF file format.
  • Place then in right website: Design the banner ads only after you look at the site that you want to run your campaign. Check the colors, templates and font of the site. Users should not get distracted by your ad because of the content when they visit the website. Make sure to the website you choose has suitable audience for your business, the number of potential customers is also an important factor to consider.

Creativeness is very important in marketing. When it comes to internet advertising creativeness will grab the attention of the users and give you good results. The way that a marketer combine animation, graphics, colors and words are critical to the success of the campaign.