Tips to Get the Maximum Value in Home Appraisal

When someone is about to refinancing your current mortgage, or buying real estate or involved in the selling process, they will go for appraisal. It is formal valuation of your property’s market value with a certified appraiser. This is very important to the seller. Because if the seller listed his house in the market for $500,000 and the buyer accepted for that, when the appraiser came and valued the property at $475,000, buyer will definitely negotiate the price again. To avoid this situation follow these tips.

Research the trend in market: Before you are going for appraisal, take sometime to research on the market. Check the houses similar to you that sold in the nearest past. If you find any unusual things for lower prices like the seller was moving within a short notice, you can explain to the appraiser. It will keep seller in a safe zone from low sale price impacting.

Clean the home: A clean home is a desirable one for every one. If your home is appearing as not properly maintaining or looking not good at the time the appraiser came to home, you may probably get less appraisal value on your home. Keep your home clean at all the visible parts.

Keep the grass green, sweep out the dead leaves, and make sure water is not stored in the garden. Thoroughly clean inside the home especially in the places like kitchen and carpet. Do not clutter up your home, keep away things like toys, game boxes, etc. Dispose them or store in a place that is not visible.

Keep all bathrooms clean and fresh, and all shower heads and faucets are in a good working condition. Keep the bed room neatly.

Improve appeal of curb: Curb appeal is a familiar term for many home owners as it applies to buyers, most people do not realize that for a home the first impression is very important even to the appraiser. Landscape maintenance, such as above garden tips, spreading fresh mulch in beds, trimming shrubs and trees will make the home to get near to the market value.

Make investment in key areas: If you have sufficient funds to make the investment, do these. Paint your interior with the neutral color. With a few elbow grease and paint cans and you can add a good value to your home. If there is any out dated floor replace it with wood, ceramic tile or laminate flooring.

At the time when appraiser came for valuation, keep all curtains open, turn on all the lights, open the windows for fresh air or turn on ceiling fans or air conditioning, keep air fresheners in all the rooms. Remember to have a friendly disposition with the appraiser and show the house, explain to them all the best features in the house.