How to Choose the Right Battery for Your Car?

Automotive batteries come in different capacities. The batteries of lower prices will save the money but may not last long. The re-installation expenditure with those batteries will eat up the the money. You can buy the batteries directly to install them yourself in your car. Now, we will see how to choose the right battery for your car.

Check for codes existing on the battery: Check for the codes on the battery. If you find the battery code, everything you have with you to purchase a best suitable battery. Just search in the websites from where you want to buy the battery. Type the number in the search box and give the keyword car battery. You can find the batteries list. Do some small research based on the other requirements of you and select one.

Fitting guides: If you does not find the battery number, do not worry. In this situations car battery fitment guides will guide you in excellent way. The battery manufacturers provide a list of models that each battery may fit for the car. The fitment means not the guarantee but it will give to you a good idea about what battery will fit for your car. Compare the current battery with the existing battery that the guide suggested as per following manner:

  • Compare the positive and negative dimensions of those two batteries.
  • Check the terminal types. The measurements of these terminals are different from each other. These can be identify immediately by looking on it. Choose the suitable terminal.

Car battery wizard: If you do not find any information on the battery, and in the battery fitting guides, do not worry. The car battery wizard designed to take the information from the existing battery and tell you what it is exactly. You need to have terminal type, terminal layout and dimensions in your hand before proceeding.

Enter the battery dimensions in millimeters in the search, with car battery keywords. You will find a lot of results. Select a best demonstrating website with terminal layouts and terminal types. According to those pictures find the best matched battery. Once you find the battery, compare it with the existing battery information.

If you are in the icy areas, needs cold cranking amps. These will show the battery capability to supply the power in cold conditions. In these type of environment, car motor oil become thicker and makes cranking more challenging. The rating of battery cold cranking amps are depends upon it’s power supply to engine while starting in the freezing temperatures.

Still if you find any problem with your car battery, consult the nearby mechanic or dealer. They will guide you more clear.