Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Driving a car in winter is difficult. So also is maintenance of the car too. If the maintenance is not good in the winter, the car will trouble you more while driving and sometimes breakdown. If it is the icy area the problems are more. There is difference in maintenance while in winter and the other seasons. In this article, we will discuss winter car maintenance tips:

  • Battery maintenance: In winter, most people use the heaters, and the other electrical based components (like lights) will effect on the battery to discharge quickly. As well the cold in the winter will make the battery performing less. When the car is parked outside or in open place the effect is very high. Clean the battery at regular intervals will make it quick respond. Generally the batteries will work up to five years and no need of replace during this time. Most of the companies are offering the batteries as maintenance free throughout its lifetime. When you face any problem with the battery other than small problems (like late starting in winter) check with the technician and replace if required.
  • Check the tire pressure and tread: If you are in the snowy and icy area use the winter tires. In winter, maintain the tread at a minimum of 3mm. When the weather is cold, tire pressure will decrease. Therefore, check with your tires and make them proper inflated.
  • Windshield wipers: The wind shield wipers are one of the important parts for safety in winter maintenance of car. Visibility in the winter is less. Check your wipers before winter if they are changed a year back. Use deicer in the windshield fluids.
  • Check Antifreeze: Check the antifreeze of your car. It will protect your car engine against the winter. Generally the antifreeze and the water mixed with half and half (50 : 50) ratio. Most of the recent cars are having the capability to work for five years without changing the antifreeze fluid. If you have any doubts about your antifreeze mix, check with your mechanic or any other car care. There are some tools available at a low-cost to check the ratio.
  • Lights make them clean: Make sure to keep the lights clean and transparent. Clean them with a car wax twice or often. Check all the car lights, those are signal bulbs, tail lights, brake lights, headlights, and driving lights for they are working or not.

Along with these, check your oil levels – both engine oil and the car fuel. If the engine oil has become dirty or black, replace the oil. Also, check the oil filters and replace them if needed.