General Maintenance Tips For Your Four Wheeler

Your car is an important personal expense. Every car needs maintenance not only a periodically by a mechanic or from the dealer or company outlet, you personally have to care about your car in some issues. These will make your precious asset to run and reliable for longer and decrease the expenses for repairs. Now we will see some of the important general maintenance tips.

  • Drive with care: Drive with care everyday, your car will reward you for long period without any repairs. Do not accelerate at start up it will damage your engine in long run. Go slowly in the first few minutes. Do not keep idle your car engine to get warm because the engine will not perform its best at its peak temperature. Maintain your engine with less strain when it is not required to move, like if you stopped at the signal keep the gear in neutral, otherwise the engine will keep on run for push the car. When the temperature outside is very hot or very cold avoid driving with high speed or sudden acceleration as it lead to quick repairs. Avoid fast start, stops and turns. It will helps to reduce the pressure on both tires and engine.
  • Change the engine oil periodically: It is one of the most important maintenance tips to follow. The engine oil gets dirt and the metal particles after some period of usage. These particles will badly effect on the engine life time if you do not change the engine oil. The company will provide the guide generally in the owner manual when should the engine oil has to be changed.
  • Fluid level maintenance for cooling system: The fluid level in cooling system is one of the important maintenance part. Cooling system keep the engine temperature at safe level. So it has to be changed or refilled at regular intervals.
  • Car servicing: Following manufacturer’s recommended schedule for servicing, repairing and replacing the parts will make your car run longer. It is must in case of engine related. Checkup your car periodically with a mechanic or at authorized dealer.
  • Tires: Tires are the most neglected parts in the car. Most people do not even maintain the proper pressure in the tires. It will affect on the fuel, car control and stability. It is one of the safety tips to maintain proper pressure in tires as well the cost is almost nothing. Check with the tread of the car.

Along with these, battery is also important. Most manufacturers it as maintenance free. Even though you have to car about your battery. Wash the car periodically and keep it clean along with some engine parts like spark plugs.