Choosing the Right Type of Motor Oil for Your Car

The engine is a very valuable part in the car. The engine oil is lifeblood for the engine. The life of the engine is depends on the quality of the oil put in it. People usually do not pay much attention to engine oil of their car. The car’s engine oil performs many functions. It stops the metal surfaces in the engine from tearing themselves apart from friction and from grinding together. The heat from the combustion cycle transfers away by oil. The waste byproducts of combustion like acids and silicon oxide (or silica) are hold by this. It reduces the exposure to oxygen so oxidation at higher temperatures is minimized. It does all these activities under tremendous pressure and heat.

  • Fully synthetic oil: The fully synthetic oils are especially made for the high tech engines. If these oils pass the special tests as per indicated on their labeling, they have longer lasting, and superior performance in all the important areas. They keep peak lubrication at high temperatures and flow finer at low temperatures. The synthetic oils are about three times more expensive than the conventional oils. For most of the engines, these are not necessary always. To know about whether it is required or not for your engine check the owner is manual. If it is not recommended for synthetic oil, and you are using it for your engine is an additional expense. It will not show any improvement in your engine’s performance.
  • Synthetic blend oil: This is premium conventional oil but having some dose of synthetic. The semi synthetic or synthetic blend oil gives the better protection to your engine. These are formulated for heavy engine loads and concern higher temperatures to offer better protection. It provides good protection after starting out the engine within first ten minutes. The oil change is also no need to change at short intervals. It will reduce the engine wear three times better roughly. These oils are popular with SUV drivers and pickup. This is because these will offer better protection but the cost is only a little more than the premium oils.
  • Conventional oil: The conventional oil is the cheapest at the auto stores. The dealerships are used this oil in bulk. This is good for the owners those who are frequently change the oil.
  • Premium conventional oil: The premium conventional oil is the standard new cars oil. Car manufacturers generally specify 5W – 20 or 5W – 30 oil, even though some engines require 10W – 30. These oils are available at common viscosity. And these will cover almost every light duty vehicle.

More than sixty percent of the vehicles on the road having 120,701 kilometers or 75,000 miles on their odometer. To get the share in this segment of the oil market, labs and oil refiners developed some high mileage oils. To increase and expand the flexibility of internal engine seals, seal conditioners are added and these can be conventional or synthetic.