How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent While Selling

If you are selling a real estate property, a good real estate agent will help you market the home professionally, set the right price, qualify the buyers and finally negotiate and finalize the deal. Hiring a right person to sell is critical. When you are going to choose a real estate agent to sell your house, look for a well experienced in the industry and selling the homes in your price range. Checking the references is a sensible idea. It is not a matter that how many homes the agent sold, but how many he sold with no or fewest headaches for buyer and seller.

  • Round up and good prospects: To identify the prospective agents, use the search tools on the websites of the Council of Residential Specialists, or the National Association of Realtors or ask the referrals from friends, or neighbors. Try to make a limit to your search to agents that the credentials are matching with your needs. For example, on the Council of Residential Specialists website, you can search for agents who specialize in selling of luxury or resort homes, condos, and single family houses.
  • Look for a certified realtor: Many people believe that the realtor and the real estate agent are the same. There are certain differences between the two. The real estate agents are those who have the title realtor after their name and actually belong to the world’s largest trade association agents. If the person is an official realtor, they will earn more industry credibility. This is because the official realtor to belong to the group, must pass certain tests, abide by strict code of ethics and practices of annual extended education courses.
  • Choose from a reputable real estate office: Generally bigger real estate offices have more resources for marketing and selling homes. These are having multiple agents work from same location, so a big number of people can spread the information about your home. Consider to work with a real estate agency which have a nationally franchised. This is because these will have bigger advertising budgets than the independently owned agencies.
  • Ask questions: Before you are going to an agent, make a list of questions by yourself what you want to know clearly. If you need any help, just search Internet there will a great number of choices for your to make the questionnaire. From each agent you interview, make a comparison of homes pending from them.
  • Agent experience and capabilities: Many people receive the real estate licenses each year. But a few people make it a profession for life. Therefore, the ideal realtor has several years of experience. Check out the experience of the agent in selling homes. The veteran agents will have more contacts and have hands on knowledge to overcome the obstacles. Research how many homes the agent sold similar to yours and the price range that the agent successfully completed.

When the market is in slump, the contract period is longer, and the market is moving good the contract period is shorter. Even in the slower market movement three to six months of contract is better with an agent.