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Archive for October, 2013

  • 010.31.13Choosing the Right Type of Motor Oil for Your Car

    The engine is a very valuable part in the car. The engine oil is lifeblood for the engine. The life of the engine is depends on the quality of the oil put in it. People usually do not pay much attention to engine oil of their car. The car’s engine oil performs many functions. It stops the metal surfaces in the engine from tearing themselves apart from friction and from grinding together. The heat from the combustion cycle transfers away by oil. The waste byproducts of combustion like acids and silicon oxide (or silica) are hold by this. It reduces the exposure to oxygen so oxidation at higher temperatures is minimized. It does all these activities under tremendous pressure and heat.

  • 010.30.13Winter Car Maintenance Tips

    Driving a car in winter is difficult. So also is maintenance of the car too. If the maintenance is not good in the winter, the car will trouble you more while driving and sometimes breakdown. If it is the icy area the problems are more. There is difference in maintenance while in winter and the […]

  • 010.19.13How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent While Selling

    If you are selling a real estate property, a good real estate agent will help you market the home professionally, set the right price, qualify the buyers and finally negotiate and finalize the deal. Hiring a right person to sell is critical. When you are going to choose a real estate agent to sell your […]

  • 010.10.13Hurricane Safety Driving Tips

    Hurricane warnings are know through televisions, radios, newspapers and other communication medias. In you know about the hurricane warning in your area or the area where you are planning to travel, it is better to postpone your schedule until the authorities declare it is safe to travel. But if you are stuck in a hurricane while driving, then these tips will help you stay safe.

  • 010.9.13Healthy Living Habits for Pregnant Woman

    Healthy diet during pregnancy is very important as it helps in baby’s growth and development thereby keeping you fit and energetic.